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"Click To Connect" Review - Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group

  Design: Isabel Duffy "Click To Connect" is a brand new musical, composed by Maddy Baron and written by Rachel Chung, Alice Jackson, Olivia Johnston, Fionnuala Marshall and Hannah McGregor. It has been produced by the Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group, in collaboration with EUTV. It follows eight characters trying to find socially distant love, all with varying degrees of success.  To say that I was entertained would be an understatement. I was gripped the entire way through the show, just not always for the best reasons. I'd like to note that I missed the first 5 to 8 minutes of the show - a pause button appeared, and I clicked it, assuming I could carry on when I want to, but this was not the case. It skipped to catch up with the live broadcast. With that in mind, this review is written about all but the first 5 minutes of the show. Let's start with the positives: this show was built from the ground up in a very short space of time. An original concept, combin