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"Showchoir: The Time of our Lives" Review - Edinburgh University Footlights

Photo credit: Andrew Perry "Showchoir" is a staple of the annual Footlights catalogue, and is always highly anticipated. The potential for such a concept, a showcase of music linked by a theme or themes, is completely limitless and this year's theme, "The Time of our Lives", creative directed by James Hart and Kirsten Innes, most certainly delivers. The show opens rather weirdly, with a very short part of ABBA's "I Have A Dream". At this point I was slightly worried about the direction of the show, as I have come to expect big, dramatic, full cast opening numbers from such things, but this was quickly delivered on, with "Kidz" and "Revolting Children" serving as our big opening number. "Kidz" was particularly enjoyable, whereas "Revolting Children" was hindered massively by some practically inaudible voices, mostly down to microphones. The tech in the show was a mixed bag - the lighting was beautiful