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Teenage Dream - Katy Perry Lip-Sync (Maddy Chisholm-Scott)

Image: Zo ë Neale, Facebook Whilst I almost always review theatre, sometimes I come across an outstanding piece of art and just have to share my thoughts on it. In just 1 minute and 25 seconds, which for those less versed in the theatre amongst you, is considerably shorter than your average play, we, the audience, are taken on an emotional journey through the life of Maddy Chisholm-Scott. What's striking here, is that unlike a lot of biopics, Chisholm-Scott actually plays herself in this short film, adding that level of authenticity you just don't get with less successful similar pieces such as 2018's "Bohemian Rhapsody" or 2019's "Rocketman". Directed with expertise by  Zo ë Neale, the use of different aspect ratios in different shots as an overarching commentary on the different lenses that Chisholm-Scott sees life through, are simply breathtaking. The use of slow motion is also powerful, representing how slowly life seemed to move in her