McNaughton - Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Review (Jason Harvey)

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Photo credit: Jason Harvey

I'd never been to a one man play before "McNaughton". I'd been to lots of stand up, but this was my first ever one man play. It was a monologue that lasted over an hour. How Jason Harvey managed to learn that monologue is beyond me. It was truly a sight to behold.

I live in Edinburgh, and despite this, I felt the accent a little tough to understand, but my criticisms for the piece stop here, other than some of the tech being slightly jarring. That may have been intentional to show the insanity of McNaughton but I really couldn't tell.

Harvey's performance was just unbelievable. My only criticism would be that his accent was potentially a tad too strong, but I do understand that it was character and era appropriate. With that said, I live in Edinburgh and I did struggle to understand such a thick Scottish accent.

As someone interested in law, I found the story absolutely enthralling. It's a tale that definitely should be famous, but somehow isn't. Whilst this was not the first performance of the script, and therefore it shouldn't be judged in the review, I do have to give them credit for actually putting this really important piece of theatre on the stage, specifically, after only being used for radio in the past as far as I'm aware.

Overall, whilst "McNaughton" may be heavy, the emotional toll it takes on you is more than made up for with a gripping story and nothing short of raw talent.

Verdict: 4 stars

"McNaughton" has now finished it's run at the Edinburgh Fringe.


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