Twice Over - Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Review (Theatre Paradok)

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As a student of the University of Edinburgh,  there are naturally a large number of shows at the Fringe that originate from my University. Before seeing it, I thought that Twice Over would be just another one of those, but it was, instead, an inspired, moving and emotional original piece of writing.

I need to talk about Eve Simpson. Simpson performs as one of two actors in the play opposite Francesca Sellors, but she also wrote it. Incredible acting is very common, incredible writing is very common - but both, out of one person? That's a talent reserved for the very best, and Simpson is the very best. With that said, both Sellors and Simpson shine equally on stage.

The play itself is just wonderful. It's a perfect blend of music, traditional duologue, multirolling, with elements of experimental theatre. The intimate space at Greenside made for a very personal viewing experience, enhanced even further by being on the front row. 

The set, whilst minimalist, was extremely effective, along with the use of props and costume. I usually wouldn't review a script along with the review of the play, but it seems right to do it here, since the team involved with this production was so involved with creating the script, as I mentioned.

We follow a mother and daughter, but at the same point in their lives, as a young woman. The message is a commentary on society, in that whilst a lot of things seem to have improved, lots of discrimination towards women has happened, 'twice over'. There are political mentions in the play, but nothing too complex that it would turn off someone not particularly interested in politics, such as myself.

In my general review structure, I allocate a paragraph to things which could have made the play better, but I genuinely can't think of anything. I was just so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement about how excellent this play is.

I really wish this was still running - I want to see it again, and for more people to see it, so all that I recommend is that you keep an eye on their social media pages to see where the play goes next, as I feel like it will go much further than 8 days at the Fringe.

"Twice Over" has now finished it's run at the Edinburgh Fringe, but be sure to follow their Twitter @TwiceOverFringe in order to see where the play goes next. It isn't one to miss.


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