Pink House - Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Review (Paradigm Lab)

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Paradigm Lab are a group from Edinburgh University, where I study. This was one of those shows that I felt almost obliged to see, without knowing much about it. I am so glad I saw it because it's up there with Paradok's Twice Over as one of the best plays I've seen at the Fringe.

"Pink House" is a piece of fantastic theatre with no real genre to ascribe to it. It made me feel everything, from pure happiness, to actual tears.

The show started off a little slow, as is the curse of short Fringe shows. I don't know if it was a bad day for the cast, but at the very beginning, the diction and projection was just not quite there, but 5 minutes in, it was as clear as day.

Alice Jackson is outstanding in the lead role of Shira, a Jewish woman who moved from the UK to the USA. Despite not being Jewish, her spoken Hebrew is brilliant, and the shifts between playing young and old Shira were absolutely seamless and I was overwhelmed by the level of talent on display.

With that said, all of the actors were first rate, I just felt I had to mention those two performances in particular.

The set, sound, and lights were all superb. The set, most notably, as it was made up of metal wire boxes filled with various items, used for all sorts of purposes. Once you get used to it, and suspend disbelief, you can really believe the 4 boxes are whatever the actors want them to be.

However, I have to say, the most convincing performance of the production was Megan Lambie as Aviva. I felt, up until she came on stage, that I was watching a very good play. Excellent, even. But when she came on stage, I didn't feel like I was at a play any more, I felt like I was watching a real person tell their real story. Absolutely breathtaking, and a convincing London accent to go with it.

I truly believe that this show is a must see, especially if you are Jewish. The emotions anyone watching the show will feel are just above and beyond the norms of Fringe theatre.

Overall, a fantastic book, captivating performances combined with a stellar set and expert direction brought this show into one of my Fringe favourites of 2019.

Verdict: ★★★★½

"Pink House" runs at PQA Venues - Riddles Court at 3.30pm until the end of the Fringe.

By Lewis Forman


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