Milan's Game - Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Review (AllouAqui Dance Theatre)

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Photo credit: AllouAqui Dance Theatre

"Milan's Game" is a very modern and sometimes weird piece of theatre. It made me laugh out loud, a number of times, but I could never tell if I was laughing for the right reason. 

Physical theatre isn't something I usually get, and this was only partially an exception to that rule - luckily, I enjoyed it based on the merit and talent of the performers alone. They were both great. 

There were around 10 scenes in the show and each of them had a different gimmick that showed itself through their movements, and occasional dialogue. My personal favourite was a David Attenborough style voiceover talking about birds, whilst the 2 performers physicalised it. It was the most immersive and visually interesting part of the show. With that said, the rest of the scenes all ranged from mildly to extremely entertaining - even if I didn't understand what a particular point being made was, I was never bored whilst watching "Milan's Game".

Some of the scenes were far too long, or the gimmick just didn't land. Luckily, most of them did not fall victim to this error. 

The weakest part of the show was easily the scripted sections. These performers were very clearly dancers over actors, and I'm glad that for the most part "Milan's Game" leans into that with confidence.  

Perhaps in another world where I was a massive fan of physical theatre this show would have gotten 4 or 5 stars. But, unfortunately, I can only review based on my own enjoyment, and whilst I did indeed enjoy this show, I wouldn't be rushing back to see it again.

Verdict: ★★★½

"Milan's Game" has finished its run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

By Lewis Forman


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