Improverts - Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Review (Edinburgh University Theatre Company)

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Being a student at Edinburgh University, I've seen The Improverts a number of times, but I did promise to review EVERYTHING I see at the Fringe this year.

The Improverts have a self proclaimed tagline: "Always different, always funny," and this is generally very accurate. The hour flashes by in what feels like 5 minutes, and the experience is made even better at the Fringe by the cheap Bedlam pints.

It's very difficult to review ONE Improverts show. There's over 10 players, with 4 or 5 performing on any given night. They all have particular performance styles, and play really well off each other. 

Are you going to laugh as much as you would watching a carefully planned stand up comedy show from a comedian you really love? Probably not, but you will definitely laugh, and for the price, it is well worth it. Lots of shows do the same performance 30 times at the fringe, but the Imps do 30 shows, one time each, and no matter which one you go to, I guarantee you'll have a good time.

Additionally, at the Fringe, various ex-Imps are returning for a one off show, which will make it even more different, and even more funny, if you choose to see it more than once, which you absolutely should!

Since it is always different, there's nothing in particular to criticise. Sure, occasionally, one or two sketches a night will miss the mark for you, but the rest more than make up for it.

Verdict: ★★★★

The Improverts runs until the end of the Fringe nightly at 00:30 at Bedlam Theatre (Venue 49).


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