Dark Play or Stories for Boys - Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Review (NeonBox Theatre Company)

Photo credit: NeonBox Theatre Company/theSpace

Swooping in at the last minute, "Dark Play or Stories for Boys" suddenly became the best show I've seen and reviewed at the Fringe.

We follow a story of 2 people, one a boy, falling in love with a girl, online. The second, a boy, pretending to be that girl, online. The plot gets a touch more complex than that, but I'll leave it to you to go and find out the intricacies of the show.

One particularly interesting creative choice is the decision to have the made up girl, Rachel, played by an actor. The integration of her acting like a real person, and also as if her words were being typed as she spoke them was just wonderful. It's so seamless.

The visual design was equally stunning. The use of bright LEDs to symbolise the transfer of technology and messages, including being integrated into the costume of the fictional girl. It was very impactful.

The complexities of the plot emerge when Nick, the 'catfish', starts believing in Rachel, and feeling how she feels, about Adam, the victim of the trolling. It all ends in an emotional climax unlike anything else I've seen at the Fringe this year.

The performances from all actors were simply incredible. I really believed Adam's love for Rachel, and Nick's obsession for Adam. The other 2 actors who multirolled were also great, and their approximately 3 characters each were extremely diverse and entertaining additions to the story.

I cannot urge you enough to see this show. It's so important for people of all ages, and also includes some sensitive and not at all forced LGBT representation.

Verdict: ★★★★★★ - Can I give 6 stars to a show? I don't care. It was that good.

"Dark Play or Stories for Boys" is only on ONE more time at the Fringe. 21st August at 10am, theSpace on the Mile.


By Lewis Forman


  1. I absolutely agree. Phenomenal play. Definitely worth getting up early for!


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