American Idiot - Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Review (Edinburgh Little Theatre)

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I am a huge Green Day fan - it was my first band obsession. I am also a huge fan of the musical, "American Idiot". I've seen it around 5 times, and despite the other 4 being professional productions, Edinburgh Little Theatre's is probably my second favourite.

I was, of course, expecting to enjoy it, but I wasn't expecting it to be quite THIS good. There are a few aspects of the production that made me really love it, so let me outline them.

First and foremost, is the body positivity in this production. As someone who's body image has often been a problem for them, especially in terms of performing, it made me so happy to see many of the performers in prominent roles, including one character who spent a lot of time shirtless, not being stereotypical stick-thin musical theatre performers. This is not a comment on anyone's weight or size, not directed towards those who are smaller or larger, but just an appreciation of body-diversity on stage, which I think is lacking from a lot of productions nowadays. It's just good to see a bit of stomach once in a while!

The talent of every single one of the performers was astounding, and very much there. I do, however, think that a few more weeks rehearsal time was required. There were moments that were beyond professional level, such as the harmonies and dynamics in certain songs - "Whatsername" and "21 Guns" stood out in particular. If this level of details had been applied to every single song in rehearsals, this would easily be a 5 star production.

Obviously, this professional Fringe production was never going to have the budget or set of a professional tour. There was no extravagant set, and no live band, which was disappointing, but based on the nature of the production, I simply can't take that into account in my review.

This show is rated as 12+ on the Fringe website, but I'd say it's definitely 15+. Just something worth noting. I'd recommend this to anyone who ever listened to Green Day - the tour tickets are always so expensive and this is a great price for a fantastic production of a brilliant show.

EDIT: Edinburgh Little Theatre have since been in contact to confirm that the age rating has been changed to 16+ on the Fringe Website.

"American Idiot" made me laugh, cry and made me feel sick. If you see it, you'll know which bit made me feel sick.

Verdict: ★★★★½

"American Idiot" runs daily at Hill Street Theatre - Alba Theatre, through to the end of the Fringe at 18:40.

By Lewis Forman


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