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How Should Suicide Be Presented in 21st Century Arts?

Suicide in 21st Century Arts: How has it been presented, and how should it be?

In the 21st Century, so many things are rising in number: robots, social media accounts, and mental health problems, to name just a few. Whilst we can all agree that as a race the technological advances we are making are excellent, we tend to ignore when things get worse or go backwards, such as when mental health issues and suicide rise to an all-time high. There is absolutely no way that this is not at least partly caused by the rise in social media and media in general. People are often influenced and inspired by real people, and sometimes fictional people as well, be it consciously or subconsciously. This influence can be caused with how creative minds present suicide in their art, and so I pose the question: How have the arts portrayed suicide in the 21st Century, and how should they?

I am going to declare a definitive way to present suicide in fiction, based around four central guidelines. In early 2017…

Hamilton West End - First Viewing

Hamilton: An American Musical (But In England)It's just a bit underwhelming.
But I didn't really love the West End Production as much as I thought I would.
Here is a brief list of my personal involvement with Hamilton:
1. I have listened to the cast recording over 200 times according to Google Play Music's stats 2. I have watched every available clip on YouTube, official or illegal 3. I used to run a dedicated Hamilton memes page 4. I have been involved in the production of two videos with Spirit YPC based around Hamilton 5. I played Alexander Hamilton in a full length sing through 6. I can play the whole musical through on piano

This morning, my sister and I showed up at the theatre nearly 2 hours before the performance started and splashed nearly £100 on merch on top of our £80ish seats.
The seats were our first issue - after Cameron Mackintosh's new renovation there weren't meant to be any restricted view seats, and yet, after buying £80 stalls seats I foun…